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How mindpass works

Mindpass makes managing your passwords simple, easy, and secure by leveraging the power of the human brain. Simply select four objects from the Mindpass 3D environment and our cross platform system will ensure your credentials are protected and ready to use anytime, anywhere.

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Mindpass Key

Mindpass builds a very strong key for your credentials using a rich 3D environment. It's easy to remember which items you choose, because thats how the human brain works. No more clunky passwords to remember.

Military Grade

Mindpass uses military grade encryption to protect your credentials on your devices. All you need to access your passwords is your Mindpass key.

Cross Platform

Mindpass syncs your encrypted credentials to all your devices, so you can access them on the go. Mindpass has full autofill support on all platforms.

Zero Trust

Mindpass never has access to your passwords because they are encrypted and decrypted on your device only. Your unencrypted passwords never leave your device. Mindpass syncs your encrypted passwords between your devices, so you are safe and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have the answers.

What is Mindpass?

Mindpass is the world’s first 3D password management system. That means you save all your passwords, and retrieve them on all your devices, by simply selecting 4 objects in a 3D environment. You never need to worry about remembering passwords, just a simple selection of 4 objects.

OK, that sounds great, what's the catch?

There is no catch. You simply pick a sequence of 4 objects in the Mindpass App, which represents a very secure master password (1000 times stronger than a typical master password like Gh&!sR8).

Sounds good, but I can only do that on my PC, right?

Actually, Mindpass works great on all your devices! Our devices include: Android/iOS devices, mobile phone, tablet, and the Chrome Browser Extension on Windows Laptop/Personal Computer or Mac.

Does Mindpass have access to my passwords?

No, Mindpass is a zero trust system. Meaning we never have access to your credentials. Your passwords are encrypted and decrypted directly on your devices using your 4 object sequence.

Can Mindpass recover my 4 object sequence if I forget it?

No, but you may reset it while still in Learning Mode™. We do not store any information that would allow us to access your passwords. That means you are secure from database hacks, but that also means you need to remember your 4 object sequence. Don’t worry, our research shows that human beings remember 3D object sequences far better than abstract passwords like Gh&!sR8, and with Learning Mode™, it is easier than ever!

What is Learning Mode™?

Learning Mode™ helps you through the process of forming a strong memory of your Mindpass. As you use Mindpass, Learning Mode™ will remind you to use your Mindpass. Using our proprietary learning intervals - based on our extensive research in the formation of strong memories, you can rest assured that your Mindpass will form a strong long term memory in your mind.

What is Learning Mode™ reset?

Learning Mode™ reset allows you to recover your Mindpass if you have trouble remembering while you are still in the Learning Period. It is available on any trusted device which you have an unlocked Mindpass vault. To disable it on a device, simply lock your vault. To enable it, unlock your vault. Once a strong memory is formed, Learning Mode™ and Learning Mode™ reset will go away automatically, or until you create a fresh Mindpass.

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Mindpass puts people first, and people love Mindpass! See what they have to say.

So smart! Great encryption and you only have to remember a few objects instead of a bunch of characters! Very easy to use.



Really cool concept. I hate trying to remember a bunch of different characters for a password. This makes it sooo much easier for me.



One app to eliminate many with cross platform. Easy to use and secure. Like the differentiation with 4 object selection; unique. Allows the user to eliminate the use of apps that are seldom used and clutter up home screen. Very useful when OS updates log user out of apps and login is required again. Free version is generous. Recent update showed immediate improvement after launch. Seems like developers are on top of user experience so I expect continued improvement.

Capt wade


Very Convenient. Super easy to use and saves me time. Recommending to my friends and family members.

Rick C 54


Really cool! I like this way to store passwords, I’ll see if I start using it over keychain!




Mindpass is available on the official iOS app store, Android Google Play, Google Chrome webstore, AppSumo, and Product Hunt.