A: Mindpass is the world’s first 3D password management system. That means you save all your passwords, and retrieve them on all your devices, by simply selecting 4 objects in a 3D environment. You never need to worry about remembering passwords, just a simple selection of 4 objects.

A: There is no catch. You simply pick a sequence of 4 objects in the Mindpass App, which represents a very secure master password (1000 times stronger than a typical master password like Gh&!sR8).

A: Actually, Mindpass works great on all your devices, including Android/iOS, phone, tablet, and Windows PC or Mac.

A: No, Mindpass is a zero trust system. Meaning we never have access to your credentials. Your passwords are encrypted and decrypted directly on your devices using your 4 object sequence.

A: No. We do not store any information that would allow us to access your passwords. That means you are secure from database hacks, but that also means you need to remember your 4 object sequence. Don’t worry, our research shows that human beings remember 3D object sequences far better than abstract passwords like Gh&!sR8.

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